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Featured Whovian: Warinbabylon

For the next two weeks, warinbabylon will be your featured author and answer whatever questions you may have. Don't be shy - feel free to ask even the silly ones. Questions can go in the comments for the next two weeks.

Covering almost all the Doctors, though with a particular fondness for Five, warinbabylon is a prolific author who's been at it since she was a teenager and is still not done. A lot of character exploration and a little loincloth-clad Doctor pops up in her writing, and she's not afraid to go a bit AU. Let's find out why she likes to fiddle with BBC's creations.

Tell us ten facts about yourself.

Ten? Good grief.

1. I'm a woman.
2. Am over 20 but younger than 40 ;D.
3. I love to write; it's like breathing.
4. Am an American born and bred.
5. Have been in Doctor Who fandom since 1983.
6. Have been active in Star Wars, Babylon 5, Lord of the Rings, X-files and various Eighties fandoms.
7. My real life background is in Biology, Chemistry, Public Health, and Statistics.
8. Yes, I'm a math geek.
9. I assist with the Whofic archive.
10. I've spent more time in school than out of it in life.

What seduced you to the show in the first place?

My father had the show on one evening when I came home from the usual Friday night rollerskating jaunt that all Jersey kids go through. It was 'Talons of Wang-Chiang.' I was into Victorian stuff at that time so it caught my eye. I loved Leela and the Doctor was so bizarre to me that I immediately became interested. It was the imaginative background of time travel and changing location every show. It was the characters. It was the intelligence.

What made you start writing Doctor Who fanfic?

I've been writing online for 10 years now so it was natural to do it in my longest fandom.

You'd laugh if I told you the reason I wrote it when I was a teenager. As an adult, it was for the very reasons that I liked the show as a child: the changing background, the character dynamic...examination of pressures from environment and people that cause evolution in characters.

That and I wanted to put the Fifth Doctor in a loincloth :D

Do you think writing for Doctor Who has added anything to your writing style or made you try things you wouldn't otherwise have?

Yes, definitely. The situations in the stories lend themselves to it, I think. You can write surreal landscapes and people take it in stride. It allows you to build societies and planets with their own rules and structures. Those are the things I tried.

BBC volunteers to make an episode out of just one of yours fics. Which would you like it to be?

LOL! Yeah...

I know what others will tell me: Trouble in Paradise. But which one would I want: Scripts Source.

Tell us a bit about the process of writing a fanfic for you.

A lot of what I write now are in series and are AU.
The framework exists and you can rest on it then.
However, for a stand alone:

I write out a small synopsis, very small, outlining the major plot and some minor plots, character interactions and the like. Or major things I want to accomplish with the fic (loincloths, society building...stuff like that :D) and then take a day or two to think about the main characters in the story. How would Peri react? What would Rose say to that? What would force the Doctor to say that? React like that?

Then I start to write. Sometimes it's quick. Sometimes slow.

What do you think you as a writer add to a fic that makes it distinctly yours?

That's a tough question. I try desperately to make the characters react in a real manner. And I guess some of the pairings I make and the situations I put
them in are distinctly mine.

What's your most embarassing moment in Doctor Who fandom?

Oh Lord: the first time I put out an adult fic, most definitely. I had in other fandoms, but DW is different in the fan base. That and being put in front of Gary Russell.

Which character comes easiest for you to write and why do you think that is?

Some of the characters I've been writing so long, I think they are easy. But orginally? Tegan: She has my sarcasm and when I started writing fanfic seriously, I was in my 20's. I could, hopefully, see as she would react. She's brash, and a bitch on wheels...I like that. And the Fifth Doctor: his conversations spring from talks around the pub table in grad school....

And which character drives you to get out the alcohol and bash your head against the keyboard when trying to write?

The Ninth Doctor. I just can't quite get his mannerisms. And Turlough...he's so...Turlough that I can't quite get my mind around him in a convincing way.

What's the best Doctor Who fic you haven't yet written?

LOL! The one I'm outlining with Mouth On Legs right now. I usually don't like my stories after they are released to the unsuspecting public...the next one is always the best one.

Where's a good place to find your writing for the unaware?

Two places: Teaspoon and an Open Mind archive and my home website here. Just follow the links. The ratings are clearly marked; please don't read it if you aren't comfortable.

This space is yours. What would you like to say?

Write, people! It's freeing; it stretches you; it makes you look at the world differently.

Finally, we'll know to take away your keyboard the day you write...?

A completely ride off into the sunset happy ending.
Take away the keyboard and give me good drugs.
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