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Featured Whovian: Casirafics

For the next two weeks, casirafics will be your featured author and answer whatever questions you may have. Don't be shy - feel free to ask even the silly ones. Questions can go in the comments for the next two weeks.

You know her from her award-winning stories 'Slightly Psychic Confessions' and 'Roundabout.' You know her works from their intricate use of emotions, humour, and spot-on characterisations. You know that to pick up a story by casirafics is to to find yourself drawn in and wanting more - 'The Best Sort Of Blame', anyone? ;) And so we're delighted to hand over to casirafics for her author's interview.

Tell us ten facts about yourself.

- I'm 27 and live just outside of Seattle. (which I suppose is two facts.)
- I wrote my first story when I was 4, and have been writing original material ever since. I didn't let myself write fanfic until about three years ago, since I was sure it would be too much of a timesink. Today, I look back on this cave-in with an awful lot of ironic humor.
- I have no idea how many books I own. I once tried counting how many were signed, and stopped around a hundred. And the rest are busy overflowing their shelves....
- I love photography, and think through stories I'm telling as if I'm filming them. I suspect there's a frustrated movie director in the back of my head dying to get out.
- I'm a music and concert addict.
- Given the chance, I'd chase winter and spring/fall (alternately, depending on mood) around the globe. I hate hot weather.
- I have an excellent memory for just about everything except names and numbers.
- When I get into a fandom, I fall hard and stay into it for ages. I am not fickle with my affections. ;)
- Messed-up sleep schedules seem to be my specialty.

What seduced you to the show in the first place?

I'd always known about Doctor Who, but it had never appealed to me; I confess to thinking the shows I'd seen as a kid were cheesy and sort of strange. So I wasn't interested in the new series, either, until I started hearing so many positive comments from friends. I got curious. And it seemed like a simple thing to check out, since we get CBC on cable around here. The trouble was, I kept missing it. Either I wasn't at home, I merely forgot (I'm terrible with TV schedules), or, in the instance of the week I was finally home and being attentive at the same time, B.C. was holding provincial elections; their news coverage pre-empted the show. (Heard during the report: "We've got quite a large Doctor Who contingent who aren't happy that the show's not on right now.") After that I finally gave in and LimeWired "Rose."

...which is all a very long introduction to the simple fact that once I heard the Doctor say, "Nice to meet you, Rose. Run for your life!" I was hooked.

What made you start writing Doctor Who fanfic?

There's such a huge universe of possibility with this show. The canon obviously goes for miles, and there's so much opportunity to step into the spaces between shows/books/whatever-it-may-be to see what happened there. If the characters hadn't appealed to me so much, though, I wouldn't have bothered. This series certainly caught my attention there, and obviously the hopeless romantic in me got a few ideas while I was at it.

Do you think writing for Doctor Who has added anything to your writing style or made you try things you wouldn't otherwise have?

The biggest challenge, although it came remarkably reflexively, was writing from the Doctor's point of view. In a lot of respects he's rather inscrutable, especially since Nine was busy being the PTSD poster boy for I'm Not Telling You Why I'm Brooding. So figuring out what was making him tick was occasionally tricky, but satisfying. "Pulse," for example, was meant to be a little bit of sexy fluff, but once I settled into his POV, I knew it wouldn't be; the depth of the character interaction surprised me, and tipped me off to the fact that this was going to be reeeeeally interesting to play with in future.

Also, I love chances to go non-linear. "Roundabout" was a blast, even as tricky as it was to pace it correctly and weave things in and out in a way that still followed.

BBC volunteers to make an episode out of just one of your fics. Which would you like it to be?

There are so many bits from "Roundabout" I want to see. The segment on Woman Wept was written entirely because I wish they'd filmed it in the first place, and now I really want to see the scene. (Give me the Sariasa! Please!) Also, I want to see Supernova. I want to go to Supernova. And someday I'm going to figure out just how Jack got to know that bouncer....

Tell us a bit about the process of writing a fanfic for you.

Mostly? Getting eaten by ideas and then sitting down to spend a few hours staring at the screen, wresting the text out of whatever parts of my brain are still there post-feeding frenzy. ;) Fanfic usually comes quickly for me, or it doesn't come at all... so it's kind of hard to summarize, beyond one part of me thinking "what if?" and another replying, "oh!"

What do you think you as a writer add to a fic that makes it distinctly yours?

Atmosphere and emotion, and on a good day, a certain lyricism.

What's your most embarrassing moment in Doctor Who fandom?

Have I embarrassed myself? I hope I haven't embarrassed myself! Although I'm sure I've made a few people go "asdfkjasf! Doctor!sex! What's UP with this girl?!" and then run screaming, which might be considered blush-inducing in certain circles...

Which character comes easiest for you to write and why do you think that is?

The Ninth Doctor, oddly enough. I never presume to know too much of what he's thinking, but I find myself wanting to get in there anyway to figure things out. And although I haven't written much of Ten yet (I'm waiting for more episodes, really), I can already tell his dialogue is going to be far too much fun to write.

And which character drives you to get out the alcohol and bash your head against the keyboard when trying to write?

Also the Doctor, since I'm still catching up on backstory and omgthereissomuch. *stares at concordances, whimpers a little*

What's the best Doctor Who fic you haven't yet written?

Anything involving Mickey and/or Jackie (it'll happen sometime, I'm sure). Anything where I manage to get Ten and Jack in the same room. Anything where I manage to get Ten and Jack in the same bed. (Ahem. Am joking. Mostly.) I tend to glom onto little character moments, so I'm anxious to see what happens in the new series; it'll overload me with new ideas right off, I'm sure, once I figure out where to wiggle in.

In slightly more flippant matters, I have the terrible, terrible urge to do a series of short crossovers where they end up bouncing through all sorts of fandoms, just to play the characters off each other. (Logic? Sanity? Who needs those?) I also must write girl!Doctor sometime.

And in the not-flippant-at-all arena: Gallifrey may have gone boom, but he's got a time machine. Someday, somehow, something's going to call him back....

Where's a good place to find your writing for the unaware?

My archive page at A Teaspoon and an Open Mind: http://www.whofic.com/viewuser.php?uid=306 . Also, my Doctor/Rose (and Doctor/Rose/Jack) fics are getting archived on Better With Two: http://www.loony-archivist.com/who

This space is yours. What would you like to say?

Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! ...wait, wrong fandom...

Finally, we'll know to take away your keyboard the day you write...?

I don't know. The Doctor and Rose settling down to raise a family of bouncing baby Time Lordlets with Uncle Jack, maybe? ;) I don't do sap, and I don't do extreme kinks, either -- I like to live safely in the middle!

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