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Featured Whovian: Misscam

For the next two weeks, misscam will be your featured author and answer whatever questions you may have. Don't be shy - feel free to ask even the silly ones. Questions can go in the comments for the next two weeks.

Though she is a relative newbie to Whovian fandom, our featured author of the week has already made quite an impact. As an author, helping to start this community, and her 'Open Letter to Doctor Who Fanfic Writers,' misscam has already left her footprint on the Whovian fandom. Her lyrical style is quite distinctive, and to pick up one of her stories is to be pulled into a fabulous world full of insight and poetic beauty. And so I'm delighted to hand over to misscam for her author's interview.

Tell us ten facts about yourself.

1. I'm Norwegian and about as subtle as a brick.
2. My birthday is on the same day as the King of Norway and thus is an official flagdag.
3. I'm 26 and have sworn not to have kids before I'm 30.
4. I lived two years in Brisbane, Australia, where I got my Bachelor of Journalism.
5. I've had cats my whole life, and intend to keep the habit.
6. I hate socks and refuse to wear them even in winter.
7. I started writing fanfic when I was 19.
8. I've written fanfic for Star Trek: Voyager, Water Rats, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, CSI, Doctor Who and a few one-shots for various other fandoms.
9. I'm very hooked on sports.
10. My mum's a librarian and my dad's a politician, and their genes certainly make their presence clear. I tend to read at least two books a day and curse at ten idiotic opinions before lunch.

What seduced you to the show in the first place?

I had heard vague rumblings about the revived show from my British friends, and though I had never seen a classic ep, I loved the idea and appearance of the Daleks. So when I saw a trailer on NRK2 annoucing they were going to broadcast the new Doctor Who, I figured I would take a look. Besides, it was shown just beore Coupling, which suited me fine. I've always loved sci-fi as a genre, and I've always loved things British, and this combined the two. How could I not watch? And a few minutes into Rose, I was hooked.

What made you start writing Doctor Who fanfic?

It seemed to me a world with a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of room to speculate. I like a little room to move. Plus, the romantic in me is attracted to complicated relationships, and the series certainly has that, but leaves a lot open to interpretation.

And really, I just have a tendency to write fanfic for things I like.

Do you think writing for Doctor Who has added anything to your writing style or made you try things you wouldn't otherwise have?

Yes. It's made me write almost all present tense, for one thing, even longer stories. And with Doctor Who's concept of time travel and time not neccessarily being linear, I played around a bit more with non-linear storytelling than I used to. And it amde me write threesome fic for teh first time in my life, including a threesome where two participants are essentially the same person. Ouch.

BBC volunteers to make an episode out of just one of yours fics. Which would you like it to be?

Song For Rose, as a goodbye to Nine.

Tell us a bit about the process of writing a fanfic for you.

Oh, it varies greatly. Quite often, it'll start with one or two sentences that pop into my head. Song For Rose started with "Her head is the universe, a thousand universes stretching out through time. She can see them, see stars being born and stars die, planets crumble to dust, oceans dry out, civilizations and empires rise and fall, species evolving until death, children to parents to grandparents to dust. Everything dies and she's mourning it", for instance. Other times I'll take requests - I am a journalist and do writing on request for a living, after all - and see what ideas that spark. Generally, after those first ideas or stray sentences, I'll ponder various scenarios that seem fitting and make a vague outline. However, I do also sometimes write from start to finish, no notes and everything in my head. As I write, I tend to bounce sentences and ideas off people. Usually, that is Saz, my closest online pal. I tinker with it as I go. I can't write a draft, then rewrite it. I constantly rewrite as I go and every paragraph is a mini-draft. I sometimes get so caught up in one paragraph I can't get right that I'll spend hours at it. Sometimes, the title is the first thing I think of, and other times it's the last and I only find it after I've hit my head against the keyboard repeatedly.

When I'm done tinkering, it usually goes off to a beta, provided the beta hasn't buggered off on me. (Which seems to happen to me a lot. Sniff.) Then it gets polished, corrected and posted.

What do you think you as a writer add to a fic that makes it distinctly yours?

I have a very specific style that people tend to comment on. It's probably very influenced by my Norwegian upbringing and the Norwegian language, which tends to be much more sparse and... "economic" in hows it's written. I'll usually pick as few words as possible to say what I want to say, and I tend to focus more on emotions than what people are wearing and such. You can call it an understated form of writing, leaving alot to the readers to decide. I also sometimes make nature a character and give it some life, a concept out of Norwegian fairytales. This can give my writing a slight poetic feel.

What's your most embarassing moment in Doctor Who fandom?

I am a widdle newbie yet. Give me some time to make an ass of myself. (Unless writing Nine/Rose/Ten after polling my friends on it counts.)

Which character comes easiest for you to write and why do you think that is?

Rose is closest to me in experience, so she seems a natural choice, but... I do sometimes feel I write Nine better than I write Rose. I might get Rose more easily, but when it comes to writing them, Nine seems to come to life nore easily. Curious, that. Could be because he is the title character and I tend to be very attracted to challenges, so maybe my brain is just more stimulated writing him and thus it feels more easy to do.

And which character drives you to get out the alcohol and bash your head against the keyboard when trying to write?

Jack. Oh, Jack.

What's the best Doctor Who fic you haven't yet written?

Mirror Dancing, my planned Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose complicated "epic". I want to get to know Ten a bit better first, but I write bits and pieces on it every week.

Where's a good place to find your writing for the unaware?

Either at my website or my bio at Teaspoon. One can also find all my fanfic in the memories of my Livejournal.

This space is yours. What would you like to say?

Whoever thought of these questions is a meanie.

Finally, we'll know to take away your keyboard the day you write...?

Doctor mpreg, Dalek porn, Rose and the Doctor having twins and settling down to be oh so domestic, TARDIS porn, Doctor and Rose in high school (nooooo!) or Rose turning out to be the Doctor's father. Lock me up if I write all of those in one fic.

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