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dark_aegis and misscam are your friendly mods. If you have an issue, please contact one of them.

Featured Whovian is a community devoted to fan fiction writers from all ages of Doctor Who. The featured author is selected by one of the following means:

1) The mods choose them from a hat
2) Polls
3) Suggestions

Once an author is selected, questions are posed to that author regarding their work, how they got into Whodom, etc. We do have canned questions, however there will be a period after the initial responses wherein community members can pose additional questions to the author. The author is open for further questions for two weeks before his or her 'screentime' is considered done and the next author steps forward.

If you wish to be in the pool of authors that might be featured, please contact the mods at featuredwhovian@gmail.com. You will then be added to the pool, and will be contacted if chosen for featuring.

This community is old school and new school friendly, so we will be featuring authors who write for any incarnation of the Doctor. Do you write First Doctor stories? Come on down! Seventh? Same! Nine or Ten? Welcome! We're not picky.

Rules of the Game:
*Please note that ignorance of the rules is not an acceptable excuse for breaking a rule, so please do glance through these before posting! Violations of the rules will result in a visit from the Attack!Dalek*

1) First and foremost, this is not a popularity contest. No flaming of the authors, or of others on the community, will be tolerated. Flaming anyone and anything is not allowed. If you flame, that is grounds for extermination by our very own Attack!Dalek. It won't be pretty.

2) Topics of conversation on this LJ comm are for fan fic authors, so discussions about the show, the future of the show, how much you love CE, JB, or DT are not allowed. However, feel free to question the author on general Who topics during question time.

3) Remember the popularity contest comment? Posts about how XYZ author is GOD are not allowed. We have many brilliant authors in this fandom, while promoting one is ego-boosting, we don't want this community to be promoting just the popular authors. This is a way for newbies and authors that not everybody knows to get noticed, too.


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